Welcome. This is my first post here. I aim to share everything from art and craft projects, and words of wisdom as I receive them, on how it’s possible to live abundantly on a small budget.

I bought this bag from Brakeburn a year or so ago in the sale so I think I only paid around £10 for it (give or take a bit). Sometimes the bags they offer also have the option of purchasing matching scarves with them. And I do have a few. But it wasn’t the case with this bag. So I hunted down a top the same colour (this one is from Next) and i embroidered a similar design as the bag on it, having matched as best I could similar colour embroidery silks.

Although neither the bag or the top can be purchased from the shops now (unless you hunt on Ebay etc.) I thought I would share this as an Idea on how a plain sweatshirt can be made to match a random handbag or purse that you might already own.